About LauraLee

inspireWho is LauraLee you ask?  OK!  Maybe you didn’t ask, but I Love knowing who she is and want to share.  LauraLee is a 45 yr old Mom of Four, Lover that now Lives to Love, Laugh, & Learn all she can about Life.   This Compassionate Pisces Lady was born in Leominster, MA, Grew up in Massena, NY, Lived in Prince George, VA and since has moved back to the place she calls home Way Up in the North Eastern Part of Upstate, NY on the St Lawrence River bordering Canada.  After making the choice to move out of the area she realized that her home is where she is surrounded by her friends and family.  Even though everyone has their own busy lives there is nothing more comforting than knowing that you can be there for each other when needed.

There have been  many different Life events in my Life that have inspired me to help other people find their happy places in their Lives.  You will Learn from visiting my blog that these life experiences will make for my perfect blog.  It has always been a weakness of mine to try and take on problems of others in hopes that I will find a solution.  Even though I have not always solved all the problems in my world it makes my heart smile to know that I have made many people smile and feel better even in the worst of many situations.  It is my intent to create a place for you all to come and visit where I will share a positive attitude with ideas of how you might be able enjoy your lives with love and/or happiness.  If I haven’t  tugged a little on your heart strings and/or made you smile than I wasn’t successful at what I had set out to achieve on this Journey with You.  Live to Laugh & Love with Laura Lee…..  add another page.


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